I painted this piece at a time in my life where I felt like I was drowning myself in every distraction I could find. I was keeping secrets from myself. I chased one high to the next in lust, in work, and in whatever else that kept me from stopping and checking in.


Creating Arcana helped me find closure in a particular painful event in life that threw me into my addiction of numbing myself. It was like opening a void and releasing all the tension I had held over all the years. 


Arcana was also a milestone for me craftsmanship wise. Up till this time, I spent over the 5 years of refining my paint weaving technique, I had yet to incorporate an emphasis of movement in a body of colour. This piece was a milestone of me pushing myself further and building upon the gradual ombré style that I had been focusing on previously.

This artwork is painted on wooden panel and finished with a thick glossy layer of UV resistant resin. It is shipped internationally and ready to hang.  

Pricing is in USD inclusive of international shipping costs.

© 2013 by Vinn Wong. All rights reserved.

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