Small - 36.5x51.5x2cm Mixed Media on Wood

I've always had this all or nothing attitude in life. I'd rather fly too high into the sun and burn than sink too low into the shadows and fade away.


I think we all go through many states of rebirth in our cycle of life. I was at one point so low, everything and myself included felt so insignificant. I just stopped caring. Just ashes taken by the wind. I wasn't bothered where it would take me, or what would come of me. 

But maybe these low points are what give life contrast. For when the time came for me to pick myself up and dust myself off, I was able to rekindle that flame in my soul and be reborn anew. Who we are does not lie within our riches and successes but within the challenges we had to overcome. It is not what broke us but how we stitch ourselves back together that make us who we are. 

© 2013 by Vinn Wong. All rights reserved.

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