Small - 36.5x51.5x2cm Mixed Media on Wood

What hurts the most about having a beautiful dream is realizing that it was all just a dream. Once in my life, there was one so beautiful, one that showed me all the colours of the world. But like all dreams, I found myself wide awake in the end... and I wondered to myself... in this dreams, do I choose to hold onto the beauty... or the truth... a truth filled with betrayal and deceit. 

The hardest part about letting go is not knowing exactly what to let go of and questioning myself whether there even was anything there in the first place. 

I was but a small piece in a much greater carefully orchestrated illusion.

In honour of this beautiful dream, this magnificent yet crippling limbo - here is my song; a requiem for the death of an illusion and to the man whom I once loved but never came to be... here is to the beginning of a journey filled with the unknown but with one thing for certain.

I will love again.

© 2013 by Vinn Wong. All rights reserved.

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