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size. 73x103x3cm

Mixed Media on Wooden Panel


Even when I was a kid, I've always been quite shy. I could be very open with some people but extremely quiet with others. I was always told to be more assertive and to be more extroverted and it made me feel like a big part of me was in the wrong place. It wasn't until I hit my late twenties that I started to come to accept my personality for what it is.

Chrysalis was actually painted twice. The original piece had the same colour scheme but it was much more vibrant than this one. While painting, I realized that I was forcing myself to paint something that looked bold and loud. By the time I finished, I noticed I wasn't happy with my experience and the meaning that the piece held. So I decided to repaint this piece in much softer colours.

Painting Chrysalis in turn became my first step to self acceptance. I celebrated all the parts of myself that others told me I wasn't allowed to love and created something with as much impact than the bold version underneath. I learned that you don't need to be loud in order to be proud and sometimes the softest colours shine the brightest.

This is an original one of a kind artwork by Vinn Wong.

This artwork is painted on wooden panel and finished with a thick glossy layer of UV resistant resin. It is shipped internationally and ready to hang.  

Pricing is in USD inclusive of international shipping costs.

All listed measurements are in centimeters.

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