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size. 73x103x3cm

Mixed Media on Wooden Panel


I always consider myself as one of the lucky ones as I've experienced love in many different forms. I was born into the unconditional kind from my loving family. In my youth, I experienced the passionate kind, then later came the bitter-sweet kind of learning to let go. There is the longing, the accepting, and the most powerful of all, the euphoric.

I painted Euphoria as a reminder to myself and the world not to take the love around us for granted. I wanted to capture that moment of falling in love - to paint, capture what it feels like to fall in love.

This is an original one of a kind artwork by Vinn Wong.

This artwork is painted on wooden panel and finished with a thick glossy layer of UV resistant resin. It is shipped internationally and ready to hang.  

Pricing is in USD inclusive of international shipping costs.

All listed measurements are in centimeters.

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