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size. 515x365x20mm

Acrylic on Wooden Panel


At a point in time, I felt so much chaos in my life; like a storm had swept up even the sturdiest of stones that once managed to stay grounded against the strongest tides. But what I thought was chaos ushered in freedom as deep as the opened skies.

I"m now living my own life, no longer someone else's. This change that I saw as a raging storm actually lifted the veils to the smoke and mirrors hiding the stagnant shallow waters of where I once called home.

This is an original one of a kind artwork by Vinn Wong.

This artwork is painted on wooden panel and finished with a thick glossy layer of UV resistant varnish. It is shipped internationally and ready to hang.  

Pricing is in USD inclusive of international shipping costs.

Click on Purchase Inquiry above for more details regarding shipping.

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