size. 73x103x3cm


This painting was inspired by the Pride Flag. I realized my sexuality at a very young age and I still remember living my life in a general sense of lost and loneliness. Seeing the Pride Flag and all the rainbow colours for the first time in my life made me realize that I was not alone. For me, it was a powerful moment of hope and belonging and I wanted to carry this feeling forward by painting this piece. 

I've learned in my life so far that love should be boundless. The Pride Flag doesn't just support the LGBTQ+ community but for all that is diverse. If all the colours of the spectrum can be in such harmony, then why can't we do the same with our own differences?

This artwork is painted on wooden panel and finished with a thick glossy layer of UV resistant varnish. It is shipped internationally and ready to hang.  

Pricing is in USD inclusive of international shipping costs.

© 2013 by Vinn Wong. All rights reserved.

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Vinn Wong Abstract Art - Utopia

Utopia by Vinn Wong