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Vinn Wong was born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia. He is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

"What I’m trying to pursue in my paintings is a romantic resonance much like the ones you’d feel listening to a love song. I put a lot of my own personal experiences and positive energy into my art. Even if I draw my colours from a dark place, I always want my pieces to come out as something beautiful.”

“It all started as an emotional outlet and that pretty much hasn’t changed over the years. Painting is like writing a diary yet it's more raw because it's free from the confines of written language. When you look at my art, you’re turning to a page in my life. Imagine listening to a song while not knowing the language to the words.”

“People are free to resonate with my art however they like. Perhaps through my paintings, they may look at their relationships with themselves in a more forgiving & gentle light, much like it has done for me.”

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If you'd like to purchase a painting or have any general inquiries, please click on the contact button below.

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