Unbroken is a series that takes inspiration from the Japanese art form of Kintsugi where broken pieces of ceramic and pottery are put back together by the use of gold as an adhesive. It explores themes around love and the pursuit of closure.



“When I first heard about Kintsugi, not only was I really interested in the aesthetics, but I was also really captivated by the notion of giving what’s already broken a new life. It made me realise we can also do the same with our own broken pieces in our heart.”


“What defines us is not what hurts us but our will to overcome and move on from them. Love and relationships are often a repeating process of breaking and mending - sometimes you break together, sometimes you break apart. But whatever happens, what’s important is we don’t lose the will to put our broken hearts back together, wear our scars proudly and embrace our vulnerabilities to love if not even deeper than we have before.